It is noteworthy that a huge part of an organisationís profits is consumed by staff it employs to perform duties like administrative support, paralegal support, back-office activities and the like. These are processes which are non-profit earning activities but the organisation needs to have this arrangement in place so that a support could exist for the profit earning equation in place.

Lipi International aims at reducing the cost of such activities thus enabling these organisations to save a significant portion of the cost they incur in accomplishing such activities.
We, at Lipi International, provide educated, experienced, skilled and competent manpower who are motivated to provide services like secretarial support including, but not limited to, typing of letters, memo, draft contracts etc. and all the activities like back-office support while staying in India.

The motive for us is to handle case management system in India so that organisation can focus purely on profit-earning activities. Outsourcing to India can prove cost-effective as we can be trained to handle processes that are repetitive in nature such as data punching, updating various stages of case management on an organisationís own case management system, etc. thus providing huge cost benefits to our clients.